What IS it about GIFs?

They are just so....captivating!

We just can't look away... 

And you...You deserve that kind of attention on your brand and business! 

In this course...

Learn how to create captivating GIFs in simple, free ways to enhance your branding on every platform from email marketing, to web pages, to social media and more!

Go GIF Yourself!

Make yourself, or other important aspects of your brand and businesses, into a GIF and stand out in a way that few others are taking advantage of!

Create Custom, Searchable Stickers

GIFs help you stand out on social media. In the course, LJ will teach you how to create GIFs that qualify for hosting in Giphy so they can be found in search on all major platforms as well as key tips for setting up your application to Giphy for success.

Note: a website and domain email  address (xyx@yourdomain.com) will be required by Giphy to make a brand account and LJ cannot guarantee your application will be approved. You will still make wide use of your GIFs either way.

What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 4 text files


Welcome + Getting Started!
Welcome and Getting Started!
4 mins
Course Agreement
What Are GIFs? + 5 Reasons They Are Good for Business
7 mins
Intro to Creating GIFs
10 mins
Creating GIFs
GIF Best Practices for GIPHY
6 mins
GIF Tutorial 1: Text Effects
19 mins
GIF Tutorial 2: Moving Objects
13 mins
GIF Tutorial 3: Video GIFs
9 mins
Creating GIF Stickers
Sticker GIF Best Practices for GIPHY
5 mins
Branding Tips for Stickers
7 mins
Sticker GIF Tutorial 4: Wiggling Effects
11 mins
Sticker GIF Tutorial 5: Text Effects
11 mins
Sticker GIF Tutorial 6: Dynamic Movements
10 mins
Sticker GIF Tutorial 7: Image and Video Stickers
8 mins
Additional GIF Resources
Procreate GIF Guide
1.52 MB
How to Make Animated GIFs in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud
Create Keyframe Animations in After Effects | Adobe Creative Cloud
Making Your GIFs Searchable
Tutorial: Gettin' GIPHY + Making Your GIFs Searchable
16 mins
Manage and Track GIFs
3 mins
Using Your GIFs + Stickers in Your Marketing
Instagram Story GIFs
6 mins
Instagram Post GIFs
11 mins
Facebook GIFs
3 mins
Pinterest GIF Pins
5 mins
Emails + GIFs
12 mins
TikTok GIFs
6 mins
GIFs + Web, Landing, and Sales Pages
5 mins
Feedback and Affiliates!
Provide a Testimonial!
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Will I need fancy, expensive softwares in addition to this course?

No. While the course will continue to expand to bring in tutorials on more advanced softwares, all the ways in which LJ will teach you how to create GIFs are free and approachable. You will need a computer and a wifi connection. 

Will my GIFs definitely become searchable on Instagram and other platforms?

This is just one of the goals of GIF creator academy, however LJ can not Guarantee your acceptance by Giphy.  LJ will give you all the tips and tricks to set your GIFs and application up for the highest possible chance of approval. You will need a website and a domain email (you@yourwebsite.com) email to qualify.

Do you I need to be artistic?

You are artistic! But no. This isn't a course in drawing or art but GIFs are an art form. We will primarily work with video, fonts, and pre-made images to create engaging GIFs.

By the Way, I'm LJ!

Email Marketing Expert

I help female entrepreneurs rock the inbox and their business revenue. 

Go from email overwhelm to effortless engagement!